Leading Partner in the City of Nuremberg

Ingrid Bierer
Director of Nuremberg Municipal Museums

Martina Mittenhuber M.A.
Head of City of Nuremberg Human Rights Office

International Nuremberg Principles Academy

Egidienplatz 23
90403 Nuremberg

Phone: +49 911 231 - 14 206
Fax: +49 911 231 - 14 020

Wayamo Communication Foundation

Wayamo is an independent, non-profit organisation devoted to journalism training.

Wayamo holds journalism workshops and seminars worldwide and offers practice-oriented, hands-on advanced training. Wayamo facilitates the development of new journalist networks, as well as organises and chairs conferences and roundtable discussions. Apart from teaching journalistic skills, Wayamo seeks to use media workshops as a way of enhancing knowledge.

The days directly before and after the conference were devoted to a media workshop with senior journalists from African und Arab countries. The workshop was by invitation only.

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